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About Paul Pendlebury

I have always been interested in Wildlife of all types from flowers through to the higher organisms such as birds and animals, reptiles being a favourite from a very young age and I grew up in the countryside enjoying such pastimes as fishing, tree climbing etc, I also became aware of other species that intrigued me. My earliest recall was of Porpoises in Wales.

Whilst in the Navy I enjoyed seeing various Wildlife in and around the ports, I have seen Grey Whales off the Baja and lion fish in Suva. Best of all I suppose was a trip with Brighton University to a game ranch called Mankwe, this area was rich in all types of wildlife, 114 Bird species counted over a week and in-numerous insect species of which I had to speciate. The finding of animals not normally associated with an area always intrigues me, but Invasive species that are released by mankind also makes me ashamed of our species and what we have done to the world as a whole.

My study subject at University was triggered by a tank full of tadpoles of Common Frog Rana Temporaria and Common Toad Bufo Bufo and was to this end that I studied to try and find out why all the common toad tadpoles died and the frog tadpoles flourished. I still believe that is the growth inhibiting pheromone that is the cause. I have for the past few years helped various governments to recapture Red- Eared terrapins from the wild so as to lessen the impaction on other species that inhabit the water ways.